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“Effortlessly Eccentric” has been my brand for more than 10 years now. In 2019, it’s about society exerting a certain taste level on me and while most people are swallowed alive by the culture they’re in I’m exerting my taste level right back.

There’s a saying that goes, “People enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I look at my skills just the same. Paths, pixels, and polygons! There are things I do and things that I’ve done. Some I’m done with and others I’ll do again… as follows: illustration (bitmap/vector/technical), graphic design (print/digital), photo restoration, web design, front-end coding (HTML/CSS/WordPress), motion graphics, 3d sculpting, brand identity, branding collateral, audio and video editing. I’m most passionate about illustration and video editing. They’re with me for life. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an email this way.


“They call it a campaign because
it’s a battle for your mind.”

PROTIP: Unmute the videos.

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Jill Munroe...

Farrah Fawcett's "Ken," to Jaclyn Smith's "Ryu."
True 70's icons.

A while back, I did a triple (all-in-one) project themed around Jaclyn Smith and I liked it so much that I followed up with Farrah Fawcett in much the same process.

I love the 70's and on everything that I love...

I can't think of a woman who is more 70's than "Kelly Garrett" aka the Immortal Jaclyn Smith.

Illustration | Tablet

Illustration | Vector




Trailer Epic

Youtube... What Happened?

-The Three-peat-


What was different the third time around was that Youtube didn’t send any sort of congratulatory email. I don’t know. Is it passe now to get so many views… without trying on bikinis and yoga “pants?” If anything, I thought it may flag something in the system to say, “Hey, too many people watched this video. Come and get it.” But, it’s still kicking and people still leave comments.

I considered re-uploading everything to another platform, but people are too stuck on Youtube and won’t do the minimum to watch content they’re interested in.


Did it again!


That’s what happens when you let the people decide.

This is my niche. I have yet to see anyone else doing these compilations on this level (although I’d welcome it). I should’ve seen it coming. Now Youtube is renting these movies for streaming and they don’t want to compete. And people want to see them, but for those of us who’ve been watching them all along (30+ years)… this is better.

I was a “Youtuber” for several years, but not by today’s standards. Things have since come a long way. My thing was video compilations of classic kungfu movies. They’re music videos to a point, but much more if you understand the contexts. Youtube started out on the sort of content I provided, but now it’s a business with all of the associated red tape (ie. copyright, censorship, ads). My aim was to spread awareness of the films, to highlight my skills, and to give people a good time. Ultimately, my channel got shadow-banned and has been locked for months, but most of my videos are still up. They can delete it at any time. I thoroughly enjoyed making those videos and my motivation was simply to make a video that I would want to see.

To the right, “Slept-On Boss Fights” was my most successful video clocking in at about 1.2 million views before it was deleted. The above trailer is for my last video “Why Can’t We Defeat Shaolin Temple?” Youtube deleted Slept-On Boss Fights shortly after I uploaded the shaolin video just to spite me. Somehow, “Venoms Mob Hits” survived being deleted, but it’s banned in over 20 countries.

If you understand the skill set, then you have an idea of what I’m capable of and what my flavor is. We are what we eat aren’t we? To harken back to what I said about taste level and society. You’ve heard of what’s considered a “Man’s Man” or a “Woman’s Woman,” well I see myself as being a “Creative’s Creative” as opposed to your garden variety type. My personal output may not be to your personal taste, but my input can produce something that is.

Another excerpt from “Why Can’t We Defeat Shaolin Temple?” featuring the many different yet same faces of Gordon Liu– The Ultimate Shaolin Monk.

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