"Effortlessly Eccentric"

Designer | Illustrator | Etc.

Creatively, I aim to provide an experience, an atmosphere, and a certain level of immersion in everything that I do. Above all, I go into projects with the expectation of creating a lasting energy. On your end, I want you to get what you paid for and to not only walk away feeling empowered by it, but also to return because of it.

Literally and figuratively, I wear many hats and cross many mediums. Skills take work to sharpen and to keep sharpened, but taste is something that once you have it... you have it. And part of being an artist (and to an extent being a designer) is asserting our taste without imposing. Not to make someone else feel less than, but to resonate with those who want to be more. So for me, I claim, I own, and I emanate... "Effortlessly Eccentric." What makes my brand effortless is that I've found a balance among all the different things I want to express. Because I work on so many different things I often hone my skills in seasons while never completely walking away from any particular medium. I'm most certainly available for work. Direct any questions to anthonywilson@hrangue.com. Overall, you'll see the gist of my work here, but it's not all that I do.

"They call it a campaign...
because it's a battle for your mind."

Paying Tribute...

I've made it a habit to honor characters both actual and fictional that have had some sort of impact on me. I celebrate them to a point that they become a part of who I am. Whether it's my favorite kung fu villains, models, or even time periods, I always find a way that is most-fitting to prop up those images. As consumers of content, the liability is on us to cultivate our own interests. It sounds crazy because it is. People will take issue with not being recognized, but that's a part of the journey. Instead of being on a stage, it's like being in the audience and performing for other people in the audience. So in the same vein, I pay tribute to people with the same taste level as me.

Laura Dore
"The Statue"

This was the very first thing that I did when I jumped head first into 3D sculpting. I set the bar so high in regards to what I wanted to do and I'm most proud of it... although it's very amateur, because of how determined I was to do it and the fact that I got it done.

I made a video, gave it context, and typed up quite a long post about it. I meant every word of it, but I can't help feeling crazy having worked on all of this. So much attention for one person that I don't even... won't even... know. That's my passion for my work... I suppose.