"Effortlessly Eccentric"

Designer | Illustrator | Etc.

Professionally, I'm a brand manager of a small non-profit based out of South Philadelphia and I freelance when the opportunity arises. Creatively, I aim to provide an experience, an atmosphere, and a certain level of immersion in everything that I do. Above all, I go into projects with the expectation of creating a lasting energy. On your end, I want you to get what you paid for and to not only walk away feeling empowered by it, but also to return because of it.

Literally and figuratively, I wear many hats. I enjoy working across different mediums and as I'm re-doing this site, it's really a lot fun revisiting old works and improving on them. I haven't done much illustration, or sculpting, or even web-layouts lately. It's been more so brand identity, soft coding, video editing, and retouching. I'm most certainly available for work. Do inquire within!

Paying Tribute...

I've made it a habit to honor characters both actual and fictional that have had some sort of impact on me. I celebrate them to a point that they become a part of who I am. Whether it's my favorite kungfu villains, favorite models, favorite professor, or even my alter-ego, I always find a way that is most-fitting to prop up those images. I don't blog as much as I used to, but there's a story that goes along with everything that I've done and what inspired me.

It's like the old saying, "I can show you better than I can tell you." Even once I've shown you something, that's just a fraction of how much I really care about it.

Laura Dore
"The Statue"

This was the very first thing that I did when I jumped head first into 3D sculpting. I set the bar so high in regards to what I wanted to do and I'm most proud of it... although it's very amateur, because of how determined I was to do it and the fact that I got it done.

I made a video, gave it context, and typed up quite a long post about it. I meant every word of it, but I can't help feeling crazy having worked on all of this. So much attention for one person that I don't even... won't even... know. That's my passion for my work... I suppose.