Story time…

I’ve been fascinated with digital art all the way back to Mario Paint on Super Nintendo (there was even something generic before that on Nintendo). When I got my 1st taste of the web back in 96-97 I thought the coolest thing would be having my AIM name on an animated banner. By 2000-2002, I figured out how to make animated gifs with programs like Ulead, but I wasn’t ready for the big leagues of Macromedia Flash (ahem). Next, I was an early adopter of trashy gif memes around 2004. It was hilarious, but it felt so self destructive. Fast forward to 2007-2008 I’m finally getting acquainted with Flash (now Adobe) and by 2011 I’ve graduated higher-ed and I’ve gotten it down. I was doing micro sites with stacked divs, transparencies, and all kinds of clickable moving parts, but the joke was on me. I was too late. I figured that out once I got my first smartphone (4G droid). Thanks Apple… for not supporting flash. Things went full circle. I think now the only flash still used is the animated banners we started out with.

“Eagle Chief” Yu Xihong (click here)

My taste for animation wasn’t yet fulfilled. So I tried my hand at Premiere. I hadn’t edited real video since high school, but with Flash on the outs I needed a way. So I started out with a little kungfu tribute video that was really just a setup for one of my amateurish yet ambitious 3D sculptures. I had so much fun with that so I made another video… that I wished someone else would make. It became very popular. It was a slow gain, but a couple of years later I have a small following (less than 1K subscribers). The encouragement has been great. I never anticipated becoming a Youtuber, but it’s really my favorite hobby… born out of another hobby… out of another hobby. It just became a natural progression.

With digital design, things move so quickly and while I did get left behind on some things I’m glad to be in the mix with video as it is now.