Designer | Illustrator | Youtuber

“Effortlessly Eccentric, Unmercifully Immersive.”

Hello hello…

I have a saying that goes, “Fish don’t talk about swimming.” Rather than philosophize like I have in the past about what I do I’ll just get to it and say that I make things. –of interest to you are probably graphics (logos, branding, illustrations, identity, etc.) or videos. As far as the web goes, those are my 2 sides… the things I’m most passionate about. I used to write long blogs about each thing I worked on, but several years later it seems unnecessary. People don’t read, right? If my work speaks to you, then you’ll hear it.

Although I finished an undergrad degree (B.A. Advertising), I’m really proud that I learned pretty much any and everything you’ve seen here on my own. If anything, what school did was teach me what the best practices are (were…) and the theory on how they should be applied. Otherwise, this is all me.

I’m a digital artist through and through, but I want to cross mediums into printed products sometime in the near future. Wearable art, but not just t-shirts… some kind of statement pieces. In the long run, I dream of running a small production company. I’m not a cinematographer, but I think I have it in me. Hah, check out my youtube videos to get a taste for my flavor. Hope you like kungfu.

And I’m most certainly available for work. Email me.

-Mr. Wilson Jr. | “Hrangue”
Philly, Pa